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FAQ – Share R Streets

November 23, 2020

Why are we regenerating the amenities area?

  • It is a fantastic public space that is in need of some rejuvenation
  • Add to art and culture in Crookwell through public art
  • Increase urban greening
  • Support a multifunctional space

Why are we testing a cycle lane/pedestrian linkage from the main street to Pat Cullen Reserve?

  • To improve the connectivity between the main street and Pat Cullen Reserve
  • To harness health benefits of physical activity and utilising greenspace
  • Create an active linear link with Pat Cullen Reserve
  • Increase connection to passive and active recreation opportunities
  • Increase legibility, permeability and street aesthetics
  • Activate underutilised space

Why are we installing a mural on Roberts Street?

  • Enhance the entrance point to the main street
  • Beautification and honoring Crookwell’s heritage
  • Add to art and culture in Crookwell

Why are we installing temporary blisters on the intersection of Goulburn Street and Roberts Street and creating narrower streets?

  • Safer traffic use
  • Traffic calming
  • Improve functionality
  • Test the concepts of the streetscape plan
  • Increase walkability and pedestrian safety

Why are we trialing a parklet?

  • Encourage people to stop, rest, and enjoy reallocated public space
  • Temporary structure that will continue to move to different locations around the LGA
  • Enhance the use of valuable street space
  • Greening the street
  • Benefits to businesses and community
  • Support local businesses
  • Safer public space
  • Improved street amenity
  • Street activation


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