The community engagement hub of the Upper Lachlan


Where do ideas come from?

From the ether? From the heavens?

It’s a question for the ages that writers and artists have been asked since the beginning of time.

With regards to Planning and Community Development, the two chief sources of ideas are internal and external.

Internal ideas are suggested or identified by councillors, staff and contractors of Upper Lachlan Shire Council. External ideas are those received by the community, whether unsolicted or through a formal engagement and consultation process.

The two main rationales behind the concepts and ideas considered by Council are necessity and vision.

For example, a road repair may be suggested due to compelling safety needs, or the beautification of a town’s main street may be suggested as part of a vision to make the town more liveable, attract visitors and attract more people who might choose to be residents.

But all realities, all of the things that are created, start with a  concept or idea, which is often modified and tested through further engagement and consultation.

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