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  1. Robert Kolano says:

    I would like to make a contribution to the Taralga character statement. One of the things that Taralga lacks is connection around the village. I suggest that a walking/recreational track that can be used by walkers, people riding bikes or horses. This would enhance Taralga as a destination in its own right and encourage more tourism to the area.

    Corroborree walking track.

    Starting at the Cooper st end along the corroborree creek corridor along the Creek easement to the sewage treatment plant in Halls Rd. This could include areas to sit, picnic and potentially some community exercise equipment along the trail, with both sides of the creek being incorporated. This could be supported and constructed by the community/council/grant funding. There are a number of local professionals who could support the design works and any number of contractors that could support its construction. Additionally local residents could support vegetation works along the corridor.

    Community vegetable garden.

    This would be supported by the local council and community, particularly given that this is located in a primary production area and would garner support from the Taralga AP&H society

    More street plantings of vegetation to enhance the liveability of the town. This could include a revamp of the “Taralga” entrance signs on the southern and northern ends of town with garden plantings and larger font as it is currently difficult to read. More stoneworks around town rather than concrete.

    Many thanks

  2. Anne Cummins says:

    Why is Council spending $100,000 on a demountable to be located in the Council staff parking area to house 8 staff members, when they have an empty bank building next door, which was purchased for exactly that purpose?

  3. Sam Saad says:

    In Taralga create concrete footpaths along orchard street between court street and post office. The urgency is opposite the park. That area is unsafe.

  4. McComas Taylor says:

    The ULS website: contains the statement:

    “About the shire: Upper Lachlan is located on the Southern Tablelands about 45km west of Goulburn, 100km north of Canberra and about 130km south-east of Bathurst. It is an area that is known for its fine wool and potato production, history and picturesque countryside. ”

    It would be better to begin with an acknowledgement of Indigenous peoples. I suggest something like:

    “Upper Lachlan is located on the traditional lands of the Gundungurra, Wiradjiuri and Ngunnawal peoples.”

  5. PETERSON Ron says:

    I’ve been using the Caravan overnight facility at the swimming pool Park for some years now and I would just like to thank the Council for providing these facilities and the clean and tidy toilets. Many thanks

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